Contemporary Interpretations

Marked by graceful lines and delicate brushwork, miniature paintings of India have a glorious history, providing an artistic intimacy. They are not just meant to be observed, but instead, read like a story. With the first miniature paintings of India dating back to the 7th century, the style went through several transformations, from the use of simple and subdued tones, to showing exaggerated physical traits and bold colours. 
Today, a lot of the preserved miniature paintings are found in museums and in old Rajasthani forts. The art is still practiced in a few regions in India, sometimes under the patronage of royal families, but not with the same level of detail as the original paintings. Today the miniature artists are also experimenting with more subjects and are keen to explore newer avenues of bringing freshness to this age old tradition. Though its practice may have waned, miniature art has a distinguished place in history, as a chronicler of knowledge passed through the ages.
This category brings together an interesting mix of paintings of vintage cars, monuments, fruits amongst others.