Flowers and Trees

The depiction of flora and fauna has been an intrinsic part of Indian painting traditions. Floral borders form a part of paintings whose subject matter could be something else entirely. Indian miniatures have a very strong Persian influence post the Mughal period and flora and fauna formed a very important aspect of the paintings of Persian artists. Paintings that exist from Babar’s time such as Aram Bagh, Bagh-i-wafa (Garden of fidelity), Bagh-i-Chenar show how influential was nature in the lives of the Mughal rulers.There is meticulous depiction of fauna in Mughal art and its persevering beauty. 
There were many Artists who executed the paintings and the many illustrated manuscripts mythological, historical and on popular fables that saw lavish use of paintings with faunal imagery.
Our collection at JAIMINI features an interesting mix of realistic flowers, mughal flowers, garden views, trees and others.