About Us

JAIMINI (Jaipur Miniatures) celebrates and brings to you the beauty and intricacy of the miniature paintings from the golden state of Rajasthan, India.

Miniature art was mainly the art of the royals that adorned their courts and forts. It has travelled through the times and enjoyed people’s sustained interest across generations.  We, at JAIMINI, endeavour to make it contemporary and exciting while maintaining the traditional techniques of the art form. Our works draw inspiration from people’s lived realities, diverse ways of routine and occasional activities alongside natural environs.  We constantly strive to bring together an interesting amalgam of historic and contemporary artistic brilliance.
We, at Jaimini, work towards the preservation and conservation of the age old art while giving it a new leash. This addresses our goal of educating the present generation about how the life was when the life was very different.  Our attempt is to reach a wider audience through various platforms and at the same time gain patronage of the art lovers. We also dream to encourage young people to become art lovers by engaging with our work.  The world of Miniature Paintings is a kaleidoscope of history, scriptures and the lives of people through the ages. Come live the experience with us and become a part of lived histories.